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our marketing tools

        the discovery phase

Who would know our authors‘ project better than the author himself?


        the conception phase

Analyze the communication goals, establish a market positioning and elaborate a strategy.


        the design phase

Model design ideas and cross-media basics for subsequent implementation.


        the implementation phase

with classic approach and new media


                  -   image filmes  

                  -   trailers  

                  -   interviews  

                  -   author branding: from author to a brand  

      book marketing

                  -   book trailers  

                  -   radio kits  

                  -   cover & co

                  -   blurbs  

      social media

                  -   facebook & co  

                  -   bloggers & book tours  

                  -   website & blog  


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Clients of the do not only get the assistance of the literary agency, they also receive a targeted marketing strategy for projects they want to self-publish - so your book stands out from the competition in self-publishing!



Just like with the linked book trailers that we design and produce, we cooperate with graphic designers, media designers and other kinds of specialists of the film and media industry.

Note to authors: When becoming our client, we will, if desired, develop a first draft of your marketing strategy, so we are able to offer your book together with adequate marketing while looking for a publisher. The costs of the implementation will be negotiated with the customer.








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